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Dawkins, Haters gonna hate

2011-04-15 23:59:13 by Mischie

My eyes! I feel like my sclera is going to crack and split open. I work too hard and have perpetual eye strain. Still winning at rigging and character design. Oh and you know what day it is!? 5_stephen-colbert-friday_shortfilms I just wanted to remind you.

I found this Richard Dawkins reading his hate mail. Haters gonna hate lol. uGsc JouU
Derp end of line

Funny day in politics

2011-04-07 21:46:22 by Mischie

This morning I approached the train station and noticed some red signs on the ground and a odd crowd of people and I thought to myself hey maybe my MP (member of parliament of my riding) is here! I saw a man handing out leaflets and took one and started to walk off, I was expecting to get a liberal leaflet sine I saw the red signs but I received a conservative one instead. With out realizing it I started to rant out loud. "God damit Harper, he's always screwing up the country" I started to crumble up the leaflet and put it in the recycling and looked up and realized I was only 3 feet away from the man who was handing out the leaflets. I froze and put the leaflet into my pocket. The man said in a very timid voice "the liberals are over there" and pointed to their direction. I didn't say anything and walked over to where he pointed. I meet my MP and shook his hand. Afterwords a liberal member I didn't recognize invited me to a liberal rally and introduced me to Bob Rae who is the depute Liberal. I didn't say much since I had a train to catch but I meet two Liberal MPs in one day! Also I am not ashamed about ranting in-front of the Conservative supporter, in my mind they deserve it.

Rigging in Maya WINNING!

2011-04-06 19:55:38 by Mischie

I'd never thought I'd say this but I'm really starting to enjoy rigging. I don't think I'm really going to go the extra mile and use expressions (maya mel script (coding)) though I find it much easier to rig in maya than 3dsmax. You can move joints and repaint weights to bones, then you can go back to the neutral pose with out loosing the work you did to the other bones. Repained weights on one bone directly effects the other influences on the connecting bones. Maya still sucks when it comes to modelling, 3dsmax has a great modifier system (although edit mesh I think shouldn't be there since edit poly has much more features). Oh yes and blender still wins when it comes to UV unwrapping with out a doubt.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm warming up to maya.

Derp! stuff....

2011-02-27 14:38:45 by Mischie

Maya why you so annoying? Rigging some times things get complicated. I started drawing comics for my school newspaper because most of the are really bad, and I need an excuse to finally draw comics. I'm a big fan of deadmau5 right now, I know I'm really late to the game.

Weird rant of a tired student

2010-11-22 01:42:47 by Mischie

Owww my eyes. Eye strain and sleep depravation. The joys of being a student in a technical program. Assassin's creed brother hood is waiting for me to be opened hidden in a sock drawer so my brother can suffer with with me and play it when the semester is over.

I don't know why but many teachers in my program got on to the maya bandwagon. I know it's used a lot in films but not that often in video game companies, and I live in a video game city. My animation teacher this semester decided to learn it on the spot while teaching this class. Why!!! If you know 3dsmax by the back of your hand teach it!! I know animation techniques can be easily transferred over from software to software but still! Maya is sooo awkward!

So Maya is on my hate list among autocad, combustion and mud box.

I'm using zbrush at the end of the semester. I love any excuse to use it. <3

I think I might become an environment artist. I love matte painting, 3dmodeling and texturing. I still don't know I haven't made up my mind yet.

I end classes mid december before Tron legacy comes out. drool.... I can't wait for it.

Happy New Year

2010-05-15 09:54:33 by Mischie

One of my class mates asked me "can I have some green tea? Sure, I said. I turned around to the table where I kept my tea pot. as I noticed it wasn't there. I said "wait a minuet I brought my tea suff home."

I woke up and realized that the semester ended yesterday and that this is the start of the new year. Summer ,time off and dammit I have to go to work later today!

3 week left or so

2010-04-24 18:07:36 by Mischie

Hmmm 3 weeks left or so of school some of the annoying large projects are over but new large ones have started. We are getting a little intro to IK rigging finally (creating the fake 3d bones that control a 3d character)! I wish we also had more classes on organic modelling in my first year but I'll get a lot of those classes next year and with zbrush too, yay no mudbox. My class is getting a little intro to Adobe premiere and after effects which I am very excited about since I have a passionate hatred of autodesk's combustion.

I like to chat while I work since I'm stuck to a computer every day of the week, I'm not kidding. You can find me on the NG art group chat on stickam, and sometimes I have just broadcast my work space alone on stickam.

You can find some of my sketches here 61241