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Funny day in politics

2011-04-07 21:46:22 by Mischie

This morning I approached the train station and noticed some red signs on the ground and a odd crowd of people and I thought to myself hey maybe my MP (member of parliament of my riding) is here! I saw a man handing out leaflets and took one and started to walk off, I was expecting to get a liberal leaflet sine I saw the red signs but I received a conservative one instead. With out realizing it I started to rant out loud. "God damit Harper, he's always screwing up the country" I started to crumble up the leaflet and put it in the recycling and looked up and realized I was only 3 feet away from the man who was handing out the leaflets. I froze and put the leaflet into my pocket. The man said in a very timid voice "the liberals are over there" and pointed to their direction. I didn't say anything and walked over to where he pointed. I meet my MP and shook his hand. Afterwords a liberal member I didn't recognize invited me to a liberal rally and introduced me to Bob Rae who is the depute Liberal. I didn't say much since I had a train to catch but I meet two Liberal MPs in one day! Also I am not ashamed about ranting in-front of the Conservative supporter, in my mind they deserve it.


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