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3 week left or so

2010-04-24 18:07:36 by Mischie

Hmmm 3 weeks left or so of school some of the annoying large projects are over but new large ones have started. We are getting a little intro to IK rigging finally (creating the fake 3d bones that control a 3d character)! I wish we also had more classes on organic modelling in my first year but I'll get a lot of those classes next year and with zbrush too, yay no mudbox. My class is getting a little intro to Adobe premiere and after effects which I am very excited about since I have a passionate hatred of autodesk's combustion.

I like to chat while I work since I'm stuck to a computer every day of the week, I'm not kidding. You can find me on the NG art group chat on stickam, and sometimes I have just broadcast my work space alone on stickam.

You can find some of my sketches here 61241


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2010-04-25 00:19:43


Mischie responds:

Ello there.


2010-04-25 00:52:04

Dammit Danny, I wanted to get the first news post comment, you bastard.
3 weeks left though huh? I got 2 exams left and then I'm free for 4 months.

Mischie responds:

I gladly don't have exams on top of everything, but the long projects at the end are even worse than exams. Things are going to be a little more difficult for me since I slipped and fell of my left kneecap at work today. I think I damaged some soft tissue since it's not as painful as the last time and it wasn't broken then. I think I'm going to be in a brace again and hopefully not with crutches this time. I'm getting a bit of déjà vu because I damaged the same knee in my first year of illustration.
Well tomorrow I'm going to make use of our evil socialized medicare. lol


2010-04-26 23:40:34



2010-04-29 20:46:57

I hope you feel better soon.

Mischie responds:

The swelling has gone down and I'm in my last week of classes. yay